Artists in Quezon venerate lenten season through performance art

April  16, 2014 (LUCENA CITY, QUEZON) – The SILAYAN or Sining Kalilayan, an emerging cultural group in Quezon together with various artists and youth in the province  venerate the life and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ in showing the real situation of our country and the Calvarys of its people today through inventive performance and valuable calls to unchain our country from fascist and repressive situation in PENITENSYA ng Mamamayan.

PENITENSYA ng Mamamayan is a performance art that will show how the people repent through self-punishment as a form of reconciliation so as to follow the life and path of our Christ who, during His time, went through sacrifices and hardships to accomplish his mission of salvation for the people and contextualizing its spirit in our present time and the current state of the Filipino citizens, which just like Christ, suffered and experienced difficulties caused by exploitation and oppression of the state.

Apparently, we still go through various  dilemmas, like evil muddling of people behind the Pork barrel scam, unjust power rate hikes, and blatant human rights violations- because of the present system in our country, however, despite our devotion and courage to change the pace of our life from its impasses, the fascism, exploitation and oppression are ubiquitous. PENITENSYA ng Mamamayan will show the essence of the life and struggle of the people for peace through justice, democracy and prosperity.

Participated by the various artists and youth in Quezon, PENITENSYA ng Mamamayan performance art will be held on April 17, 8am. It will start from Lucena Public Market and will culminate at St. Ferdinand Cathedral.

For more details of the event please contact 09159585770.





SILAYAN (Sining Kalilayan) presents
PENITENSYA ng Mamamayan performance art

Ngayong Semana Santa, gunitain natin ang paghihirap ni Hesukristo, alalahanin natin ang kanyang ginawang pag-aalay ng sariling buhay upang paglingkuran ang sambayanan.

Sa Abril 17, 8am tunghayan ang Penitensya ng Mamamayan, isang performance art na magsasalarawan ng matinding paghihirap at pagsasakripisyo ng mamamayang Pilipino lalo sa lalawigan ng Quezon.

Ang penitensya ay magsisimula sa Lucena City Public Market at lulundo sa St. Ferdinand Cathedral

Inaanyayahan ang lahat na saksihan ang penitensyang punompuno ng kahulugan at sining, mula sa kabataang artista ng Quezon.


mula sa dal'wang salitang "SIning" at "kaliLAYAN." Ito ay grupong mula sa lalawigan ng Quezon na magsusulong ng progresibo at makabayang kultura mula sa mamamayan tungo sa mamamayan.